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AWE Aldermaston - Laser Facility - Call for a Public Inquiry

Act Now to Stop the Next Generation of Nuclear Weapons West Berkshire Council at their last Planning Meeting (23/11/05) deferred their consideratio n of the Ministry of Defence\'s Notice of Proposed Development (NoPD) for the \"Replacement\" laser facility (ref. 05/02003/RESMAJ), because the Committee had not all seen a Strategic Sustainability Appraisal and Site Development Context Plan submitted by AWE Aldermaston (this plan appears to be their response to a request for an Environmental Impact Assessment, which they still have not done). The decision was also deferred because of the strength of the objections sent in, and voiced at the meeting by several groups and individuals, the large number of objectors at the meeting, and the consistent work throughout 2005 in presenting objections to the planning committee. They are due to consider the NoPD again on 26 January 2006. We now have a real opportunity to stop this application - and with it the building at AWE Aldermaston of facilities to build the next generation of nuclear weapons. It has become clear, including to West Berkshire Council, that the developments at AWE Aldermaston are more than a local matter, and that\'s why we want you to write to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister *, and ask him to call in the laser application, and establish a public inquiry. He is not obliged to do this, but if we send enough letters then there is a good chance. A public inquiry would stop the developments for now, and probably take at least two years, which would give us more time to build a real opposition to any replacement for the Trident weapons system. * Office of the Deputy Prime Minister Eland House Bressenden Place London SW1E 5DU