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Nuclear Power: a Dangerous Distraction Says CND

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament today welcomed the Government’s energy review. But it condemned the logic of Government and industry, which appea r to favour the least safe, unsustainable nuclear option. CND warned that if the review is to be successful it must include the real questions and issues we face in looking to a sustainable and clean solution to our environmental and energy needs. CND called Nuclear power ‘a dangerous distraction.’ Nuclear power is not the answer to climate change. It is neither carbon emission free nor would new power stations come on stream for at least ten years. It threatens the environment and people’s health. No safe solution has yet been devised to store its carcinogenic toxic radioactive waste, some of which is dangerous for thousands of years. It also leaves us vulnerable to the possibility of nuclear accidents or even terrorist attack. A safe energy mix of renewable energy sources, cleaned up fossil fuels and energy efficiency measures – all of which are safe, effective and proven technologies- are available now. And it is not an impractical fantasy: Germany, a massively industrial power, is closing its nuclear power station and moving towards reliance on a non nuclear mix. Kate Hudson, Chair of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament said:- “A look at Britain’s energy mix is long over due and this energy review is to be welcomed. The question is why do government and industry seem to be opting for the least safe nuclear new build option? They are looking to an unsustainable, massively expense and dangerous option. If the review is to be successful it must look at options for a safe, genuinely sustainable, global and green solution to our energy needs. Offering nuclear power as a magic solution to climate change is a dangerous distraction from addressing the fundamental issues about energy use, and safe and sustainable energy production.”