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SCND AGM - Report on Terrorism Bill

Jeremy Corbyn Vice Chair of CND UK and MP for Islington North was the key note speaker at the AGM of Scottish CND held in Edinburgh on 5th November. J eremy reported on the situation in Parliament, in particular, on the Terrorism Bill 2005 and as a result we believe it is a matter of great concern that the Government are intent on passing legislation which will, for example: * Increase powers of detention to a maximum of 90 days. This would make British detention without trial the longest of anywhere in Europe. The detention would be subject to a form of judicial examination every seven days. However, it appears that this would be by a judge acting on their own, with access to the security case against the defendant, who in turn would be denied knowledge of the evidence used against them in court. * Would make criminal any activity at a designated nuclear site, whether at a nuclear power station, a naval base or manufacturing centres for nuclear weapons such as the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston. Under this provision, the Greenham Common women, those who protest outside Faslane or at RAF Lakenheath could be criminalised. For almost 50 years, SCND and CND have protested against BritainÂ’s nuclear weapons. SCND and CND have always been committed to peaceful protest, including direct peaceful protest at nuclear bases and facilities, such as Faslane where British owned nuclear weapons are stored, or at Aldermaston where they are made. SCND believes that we have a political and moral responsibility to protest, to make our Government comply with its legal obligation to get rid of BritainÂ’s nuclear weapons. Six sections of the new Bill deal with nuclear materials and facilities, much of which could be interpreted as being there to deny CNDÂ’s protest at nuclear facilities. Denying the right to protest, making people fearful of participating in political debate and activity will be a disaster. SCND wholeheartedly rejects this legislation.