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New report on future of the British bomb

A new report written by Scottish CND Coordinator John Ainslie questions the independence of British nuclear weapons. \"The Future of the British bomb\ " gives unprecedented detail of the Trident warhead and shows how key components are purchased off-the-shelf from the US. There is also a detailed analysis of the computer systems used to plan British, NATO and American nuclear attacks. The British Trident system is totally dependent on US software, critically undermining nuclear independence. The Royal Navy submarines are far more likely to be used in a bilateral Ango-American strike than either under NATO auspices or as an independent force. The various arguments used to justify British nuclear weapons are revealed to be deeply flawed. The report was launched at 6pm on Tuesday 25th October in Room M, Portcullis House, Westminter by Angus Robertson MP and David Chaytor MP. It has been published by the WMD Awareness Programme, a joint initiative which operates from the office of the late Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Joseph Rotblat.