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New Petition – No Trident Replacement

CND has now launched its new petition entitled No Trident Replacement, and CND groups and members should now begin to collect as many names as pos sible for CND to hand in to the Prime Minister, Tony Blair. At the recent CND Conference, the re-elected Chair Kate Hudson urged every CND member to collect a minimum of ten signatures. With over 32,000 members across the country, we will be able to collect and hand to the Prime Minister over 300,000 names opposed to a new nuclear weapons system. This would send a strong message to the government at a crucial time. Start collecting your names now. A copy will be sent to every CND member with the Annual Review. The deadline for the petition is 31st March 2006, and CND will hand in the names to Downing Street at an Easter event. CND Conference – No Trident Replacement The recent CND Annual Conference unanimously agreed to campaign against any replacement of Trident, while continuing the campaign against the existing Trident nuclear weapons system. The resolution included the statements: Replacing the Trident nuclear weapons system would increase the threat of nuclear weapons being used in war. Replacing Trident would conflict with the government\'s own \'unequivocal undertaking to accomplish the total elimination of their nuclear arsenals\' agreed in 2000 at the Non-Proliferation Treaty review conference, and could violate Article VI of the Treaty. Such a move by the government only serves to encourage non-nuclear weapons states to consider acquiring a nuclear capability. As well as resolving to: Campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of replacing Trident and to persuade the government not to replace it, working widely in society, including with MPs, the trade union movement, NGOs, faith groups, students and young people. Continue to oppose the existing Trident system and its refit process, through public and parliamentary campaigning, including the support of protests and direct action at Faslane, Aldermaston, Devonport and other related facilities.