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Anti-Trident Campaigners put Brakes on Rolls Royce

10 peace campaigners were arrested at Rolls Royce Raynesway in Derby whilst attempting to shut down the factory with a non-violent blockade. 40 activi sts congregated in spite of heavy rain, two section 14 orders and an extraordinarily heavy police presence. They were attempting to uphold international law by closing the factory for the day. Rolls Royce Raynesway makes the nuclear engines for Britain\'s illegal nuclear weapons system Trident, and is essential for its deployment. The blockade was organised by Trident Ploughshares which is committed to disarming Trident through open, accountable and non-violent direct action. The activists came from all over Britain including Derby, Stirling, Bristol, Norfolk, Plymouth, London, Leicester, Glasgow and Stafford. They come from all walks of life from teachers and barmaids to bookkeepers and civil engineers. \"Nuclear weapons are illegal. The government is breaking international law with its nuclear policy and Rolls Royce is aiding and abetting their illegal activities by powering their nuclear weapons system Trident. Where companies and governments threaten War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity, ordinary people like us have to take action to uphold the law.\"Alison Crane, campaigner. Trident Ploughshares calls on Rolls Royce to: Produce and make publicly available an emergency evacuation plan for people living and working within a two mile radius of the factory. This plan should be thoroughly tested and evaluated by the local council and emergency services. Phase out all nuclear activities at the Raynesway plant within the next 5 years