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16 submarine crashes

The MoD have published a list of 16 crashes involving nuclear submarines since 1988. The list was obtained by SNP MP Angus Robertson and was published in the Sunday Herald.  Nuclear Engineer John Large said "One collision is one too many - especially when it involves a submarine with a nuclear reactor".  9 of the 16 incidents took place around Scotland. John Ainslie of Scottish CND said: "It is time the Royal Navy stopped treating the coast of Scotland as a playground for nuclear submarines".


Submarine accidents:

October 2010 HMS Astute grounded off the Isle of Skye

April 2009 HMS Torbay grounded in the Eastern Mediterranean * (not previously reported)

February 2009 HMS Vanguard collided with the French submarine Le Triomphant in the Atlantic

May 2008 HMS Superb grounded in the Red Sea

May 2003 HMS Tireless struck an iceberg while on Arctic Patrol

November 2002 HMS Trafalgar grounded on Fladda-Chuain, north of Skye

November 2000 HMS Triumph grounded west of Scotland

November 2000 HMS Victorious grounded on Skelmorlie Bank in the Firth of Clyde

July 1997 HMS Trenchant grounded off the coast of Australia

July 1996 HMS Repulse grounded in the North Channel off south-west Scotland

July 1996 HMS Trafalgar grounded off the Isle of Skye

March 1991 HMS Valiant grounded in the North Norwegian Sea

November 1990 HMS Trenchant snagged the fishing vessel Antares off Arran

October 1989 HMS Spartan grounded west of Scotland

November 1989 HMS Sceptre snagged the fishing vessel Scotia near Lewis

July 1988 HMS Conqueror collided with the yacht Dalriada off the coast of Northern Ireland