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Nuclear trains at dangerous level crossing

Don't cross now - there's a nuclear train coming

Scottish CND today condemned the transport of highly radioactive nuclear waste  through one of the most dangerous level crossings in Scotland. According to the ABC Railway Guide, the crossing at Stevenston in Ayrshire has a Collective Risk Rating of 3 (Very High).  A busy road crosses the railway track immediately beside Stevenson railway station. 


The guide says there have been 12 misuse incidents at the crossing since October 2014. In 2014 the Scotsman reported that Stevenston was one of the top three crossings in Scotland where the highest number of motorists were caught jumping the lights.  In 2011 Network Rail launched a safety drive at 15 of the most dangerous level crossings in Scotland. One of them was Stevenston. British Transport Police also had an initiative in 2015 to improve public awareness of the risk at Stevenston level crossing.  (source

Scottish CND has recently been working with campaigners, including those in the SNP and Scottish Green Party, to highlight how high-level nuclear waste is transported across the country from Hunterston and Torness to Sellafield.  Each train is transporting highly radioactive Used Fuel Cores from the nuclear power stations.