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Hiroshima Anniversary Events

A series of events will take place around Scotland to mark the anniversaries of the use of the first atomic bombs against Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  These will happen in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Helensburgh, Irvine, Kilwinning, Paisley and Rutherlen.  Some of these are linked to Scotland's Walk for Peace.  On 14 August there is a conference in Stirling. 

Peace Walk starts in Gretna

Scotland's Peace Walk began in Gretna with a wedding between Scotland and the Nuclear Weapons Convention in Gretna on 30 July. ( Youtube video )The walkers then set off on 31 July for the journey which will take them to Glasgow, Faslane, Stirling, Currie, Melrose, Dunbar and Edinburgh.  Full details of the walk and updates are available at Footprints for Peace.

NATO and Nuclear Weapons

ImageDelegates from many countries who were attending the NATO Parliamentary Assembly met with representatives of civic Scotland in a meeting organised by Scotland's for Peace and Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non Proliferation and Disarmament in the Scottish Parliament on 13 November.  The German Government's opposition to the continued presence of nuclear weapons in Germany was welcomed.  There was discussion on the need for not only vision from President Obama but also concrete steps towards disarmament.


Nuclear submarine to be named Saint Nicolas

ImageThe Russian Navy are planning to name the fourth of their new Borei class nuclear submarines after Saint Nicolas (aka Santa Claus).  The vessels are the Russian equivalent of Trident and are designed to carry intercontinental ballistic missiles.  However there have been a series of problems with the vessels and the new missiles.  Barents Observer

Sad passing of Duncan Ainslie

ImageDuncan Ainslie died very suddenly at home on Monday 10 August, aged 21.  Duncan was the son of Scottish CND Coordinator John Ainslie and was a cheerful and energetic part of the peace movement  throughout his life. All his friends and acquaintences are invited to a short service at Wellington Church, University Avenue, Glasgow at 10 am on Thursday 20 August.  After this he will take one last trip across the sea to his beloved Isle of Arran where he will be buried in Sannox.

Glasgow remembers Hiroshima

ImagePapers cranes were floated on the River Kelvin in Glasgow to mark the 64th anniversary of the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima.  Alan Mackinnon (Scottish CND chair), Bill Kidd MSP (SNP) and Martin Bartos (Scottish Green Party) spoke and Pauline McNeill MSP (Labour) sang.  Youtube Video

Scotland Marks Hiroshima Anniversary

ImageEvents will be held in eleven towns and cities across Scotland to mark the anniversary of the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by atomic bombs in August 1945. 

Brown on Disarmament and France

Speaking in response to French President Sarkosy's announcement that France would rejoin NATO's military command structures, Gordon Brown refered to the prospect for nuclear disarmament:

"I do welcome France's announcement that at the NATO summit on April 3 and 5  ... they will announce that they will return to the inner core of NATO ..

"I also believe that there are opportunities for co-operation, not just between France and Britain, but between the rest of the world in nuclear disarmament"

He added that both Britain and France were keen that there should be a "wider deal" on nuclear arms in the next few years.

Hope for new US-Russian disarmament deal

ImageHilary Clinton has indicated that there would be renewed commitment to negotiate a new nuclear arms reduction pact between Russia and the US.  Speaking in Geneva on 6 March she said:  "We intend to have an agreement by the end of the year. This is the highest priority to our governments".


Doublespeak on nuclear proliferation

Bill Kidd MSP attended the 2008 Preparatory Committee for
the Non Proliferation Treaty review conference in 2010 on
behalf of Scottish CND