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25th anniversary of disarmament summit

Twenty five years ago the leaders of American and Russia came close to agreeing to eliminate their entire stockpliles of thousands of nuclear weapons. The talks between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, at Rejkjavik on 11/12 October 1986, only broke down because of resistance from within their own military establishments.

Paint for Peace

Selection of children's pictures from the Paint for Peace competition

Making Peace

People gathered in Glasgow to form a human peace / CND symbol in the heart of the city on 17 September.  There was also a display of 400 children's paintings in the Paint for Peace competition.

Peace Symbol in Glasgow

Supporters of the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament will gather in George Square, Glasgow, to form a large human peace/CND symbol between 11 am and 12 noon on Saturday 17 September. The “Make Peace Festival” takes place 50 years after mass protests against Polaris on 17 September 1961. These resulted in 321 arrests at Holy Loch and 1,200 arrests at Trafalgar Square, London. Details are available at www.banthebomb.org/makepeace

Scotland remembers Hiroshima

Events will take place in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Paisley, Ayr, Stirling and Helensburgh to mark the 66th anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on HiroshimaThese are organised by local Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament groups.

Holyrood debates Afghanistan

The Scottish Parliament held a debate on the War in Afghanistan on the evening of 1 December.  The motion was proposed by Jamie Hepburn (SNP) who said: "There has been too much war in Afghanistan. Now is the time to give peace in that country, which has seen almost constant conflict for my entire lifetime, a lasting chance. We must have peace, and we must have a withdrawal of operational combat forces as soon as possible. The pursuit of peace is invariably less dramatic than the theatre of war, but it is no less important."  Pauline McNeill (Labour) said: "is it now time to think about how we can withdraw peacefully and give the people of Afghanistan the life that they deserve".  This was a members' debate and there was no vote.  Video      Transcript    There will be a members' debate on Scotland's Nuclear Weapons Free Zones at 12.30 pm on Thursday 9 December, proposed by Bill Kidd MSP.

The High Price for Ratification of New START

Proposed new US CMRR facilityIs President Obama losing the plot? One of his few tangible achievements of the past 2 years has been the new START treaty on strategic weapons reductions negotiated with Russia. Yet he faces an uphill struggle to get the treaty ratified in the US senate, especially since the November midterm elections. Already he has announced an $80bn ‘sweetener’ - a 10 year programme to modernise the US nuclear weapons infrastructure - and has had to make assurances that the treaty will not restrict the development of missile defence.

NATO’S LISBON SUMMIT - Caught in a Cold War Time Warp

In the streets around NATO’s Lisbon summit, 40,000 take part in an international anti-NATO demonstration while in London a further 10,000 call for withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Inside the summit the heads of state follow the script. The war in Afghanistan, opposed by a majority in almost every member state, will continue for another 4 years. NATO’s new Strategic Concept, like its predecessor, is caught in a Cold War time warp. It pays lip service to the aim of a world free of nuclear weapons, and then goes on to reaffirm the concept of nuclear deterrence. The calls from three member states - Germany, Holland and Belgium - to have US tactical nuclear weapons removed from their soil are ignored.

Video of SCND Conference and Scottish Parliament meeting

Film is available online of the meeting held in the Scottish Parliament on 21 September  - "Abolish Nuclear Weapons - Scotland Can".  Video is also available of speakers at Scottish CND's Annual Conference on 13 November on the binthebomb Youtube channel.

Peace Walk continues

Scotland's Walk for Peace has been travelling around Southern Scotland. Updates are available on the Footprints for Peace website.  The final stage of the walk will be on Saturday 28 August leaving Portobello Town Hall at 8 am and arriving at Edinburgh City Chambers at 10.30 am where they will be met by the Provost of the city.