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Scottish Green Party renew opposition to Trident

The Scottish Green Party today reaffirmed its commitment to nuclear disarmament and called for a constitutional prohibition on weapons of mass destruction. The Defence motion which was passed at their annual conference also called for a focus on the human security approach.


60th anniversary of first British nuclear test


The first British nuclear weapon was detonated on the Monte Bello islands, Australia, on 3rd October 1952. The United Kingdom became the third country, after the United States and the Soviet Union, to possess the nuclear bomb.

Arthur West, Chair of Scottish CND, said,
"After 60 years it is time for Britain to retire from the nuclear club. In 1951 Winston Churchill said that having the atomic bomb was the price we have to pay to sit at the top table. Having spending billions of pounds over six decades it is now time to call a halt to this scandalous waste of taxpayers money."

Germany gives way to NATO on nuclear weapons

The coalition government in Germany has, since 2009, been calling for the withdrawal of US nuclear weapons from Germany. However they have now given way to pressure from NATO and have said that the weapons can not only stay for at least 12 years but can be upgraded.

SNP MSP John Finnie has said that is a further reason why the SNP should retain their current policy of opposition to membership of NATO.


Should Scotland be in NATO ?

SNP CND have produced a briefing which argues that the SNP should remain opposed to NATO. Scottish CND have published a short Question and Answer sheet on NATO and Nuclear Weapons.. SNP CND held an excellent conference on this issue Saturday 25 August in Glasgow. Please sign the Scottish No to NATO coalition statement and contact your elected representatives of all parties to find out whether they support NATO.

Photos of Hiroshima/Nagasaki events

Events took place across Scotland to remember the victims of the first atomic bombs.





Hiroshima/Nagasaki Anniversary

Events will be held across Scotland to mark the anniversary of the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the first atomic bombs. There will be gatherings in Glasgow [change of venue], Edinburgh, Bridge of Allan, Aberdeen, Dundee, Irvine, Kilmarnock, Rutherglen, Inverness and Paisley.

MSP's action for Nuclear Free Middle East

Bill Kidd MSP is playing a leading role in the push for a Middle East
free of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction at the United
Nations in Vienna.

SCND Annual Conference

Arthur West from Ayrshire was elected as Chair of Scottish CND at the Annnual Conference in Edinburgh on 12 November. The conference was addressed by Jeremy Corbyn, Labour MP and Vice-Chair of CND, and SNP MSP Marco Biagi. A report of the resolutions adopted and those elected to the Executive is available here

Scottish CND elections

Elections for Scottish CND Executive will be held at the Annual Conference on 12 November at St Columba's by the Castle Church in Edniburgh. Details of those standing for election are available here.

Make Peace Festival

Video of the human peace symbol in Glasgow on 17 September 2011. Speakers Patrick Harvey MSP (Greens) and Bill Kidd MSP (SNP):