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Scottish Green Party renew opposition to Trident

The Scottish Green Party today reaffirmed its commitment to nuclear disarmament and called for a constitutional prohibition on weapons of mass destruction. The Defence motion which was passed at their annual conference also called for a focus on the human security approach.





Defence Motion passed at Scottish Green Party Conference 6 October 2012

The Scottish Green Party is committed to a positive vision of Scotland’s role in the world.

An important part of this role will be through human security policy and practice. We seek

to develop greater clarity over the Party's approach to defence in the constitutional

debate and the circumstance of further powers being granted to Scotland on defence.

Conference reasserts the SGP view that there should be no weapons of mass destruction in

Scotland or the world and that an independent Scotland should move immediately to remove

all nuclear weapons capability and as soon as possible to remove the nuclear weapons 4

themselves from Scotland and that Scotland should promote a wider process of

disarmament. Conference calls on all political parties to commit to a constitutional prohibition

of weapons of mass destruction


Conference calls on Policy Committee to review SGP policy in the area of defence to

ensure that it reflects the opportunities for an independent Scotland to act as a force for

peace. The policy review should consider:

the development of a "just transition" strategy to replace jobs lost through withdrawal of

weapons of mass destruction and to diversify local economies;

the withdrawal from NATO as soon as possible on the basis that it is an inappropriate

mechanism for mutual defence;

the development of a human security approach, deploying skills in mediation and

reconciliation, non-violent conflict resolution, and civilian resistance;

the view that Aircraft Carriers exist for the projection of power and therefore have no role

in modern defence;

the view that an independent Scotland would not require a large standing army and would

aim to repurpose the Scottish Regiments with new skills for new challenges, as standard

bearers for Scotland’s positive impact on the world;

the retention of Scotland's existing air sea rescue forces, fisheries protection capacity, oil

rig rescue capacity and tugs.