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Should Scotland be in NATO ?

SNP CND have produced a briefing which argues that the SNP should remain opposed to NATO. Scottish CND have published a short Question and Answer sheet on NATO and Nuclear Weapons.. SNP CND held an excellent conference on this issue Saturday 25 August in Glasgow. Please sign the Scottish No to NATO coalition statement and contact your elected representatives of all parties to find out whether they support NATO.



The issue of NATO has been raised in the media because of developments within the SNP. The existing SNP policy is to oppose full membership of NATO. A resolution has been put forward suggesting that the party should accept membership of NATO, on condition that Trident is removed. There will be a debate on this at the SNP conference in Perth on 18-21 October.

Scottish CND are asking our supporters to use this opportunity to ask elected representatives of all parties for their views on NATO. The most effective way to influence MPs and MSPs is by visiting their local surgery.

To find details of your MSPs enter your postcode at http://bit.ly/SdLYbR, for MPs  - http://bit.ly/NAz9D3

Alternatively, please email questions on NATO to councillors, MPs, MSPs and/or MEPs of all parties by using the automated system at http://writetothem.org