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MSP's action for Nuclear Free Middle East

Bill Kidd MSP is playing a leading role in the push for a Middle East
free of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction at the United
Nations in Vienna. Mr Kidd, the MSP for Anniesland, has presented the UN facilitator,
Finnish Ambassador Laajava with an international statement in favour
of the holding of a Conference of all Middle East nations in Helsinki
in December of this year.

Mr Kidd said:

"The statement I had the honour to present to Ambassador Laajava is
signed by over 270 parliamentarians from 42 countries world-wide,
including from Israel, Egypt and Jordan, and calls for every country
at the UN to get behind this proposed conference in Helsinki.

"We will all benefit from cooperation amongst the nations of the
Middle East against the spectre of nuclear weapons and Scotland is
taking its place in calling for the nuclear weapon states to support
the Helsinki conference.

“Nuclear weapons threaten the very existence of life on our planet and
I am proud to be part of the SNP who are committed to a nuclear free
independent Scotland.”