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Holyrood debates Afghanistan

The Scottish Parliament held a debate on the War in Afghanistan on the evening of 1 December.  The motion was proposed by Jamie Hepburn (SNP) who said: "There has been too much war in Afghanistan. Now is the time to give peace in that country, which has seen almost constant conflict for my entire lifetime, a lasting chance. We must have peace, and we must have a withdrawal of operational combat forces as soon as possible. The pursuit of peace is invariably less dramatic than the theatre of war, but it is no less important."  Pauline McNeill (Labour) said: "is it now time to think about how we can withdraw peacefully and give the people of Afghanistan the life that they deserve".  This was a members' debate and there was no vote.  Video      Transcript    There will be a members' debate on Scotland's Nuclear Weapons Free Zones at 12.30 pm on Thursday 9 December, proposed by Bill Kidd MSP.