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Peace Walk starts in Gretna

Scotland's Peace Walk began in Gretna with a wedding between Scotland and the Nuclear Weapons Convention in Gretna on 30 July. ( Youtube video )The walkers then set off on 31 July for the journey which will take them to Glasgow, Faslane, Stirling, Currie, Melrose, Dunbar and Edinburgh.  Full details of the walk and updates are available at Footprints for Peace.

Bride Nuclear Weapons Conventionor NWC for short, (aka KA) married Scotland, (aka

Alex) at the start of Scotland's Peace Walk in Gretna. The wedding was conducted by the rev

Ainslie Walton who had travelled specially from his Glasgow parish to conduct the wedding. He


“As a Church of Scotland minisrer I am expressing the opposition of my church to the

existence because they are unchristian and amoral from every point of view.”

In attendance were the mother of the bride, Women's International League for Peace and

Freedom, WILPF for short (aka Janet). Best man Non Proliferation Treaty NPT (aka Marcus) and

witnessed by matron of honour Nukewatch (aka Jill) at the ceremony in which the couple made

vows to love and uphold each other for better, for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer for

poorer till the end of our earthly lives - preferably not by mushroom cloud.

NWC promised that Scotland would be protected from:

prosecution under international law

possible terrorist attack

waste of resources

the shame of moral evil.

In return Scotland promised to:

forgo nuclear weapons for ever

oppose all nuclear bases on Scotland's soil

support the efforts of NWC

and work for a nuclear free future.

The deal was sealed with a spirited if less-than-tuneful rendition of Don't You Hear The HBombs

Thunder anf after the ceremony the bride and groom set off to start Footprints for Peace

2010 Scotland;s Peace Walk, following the routes taken carrying nuclear warheads in and out of

Scotland. The march off was accompanied with the age old singing of We.re Going to Keep on

Walking Forward with great gusto rather than tonal quality.