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US Weapons

Funding eliminated for new US warhead

As a result of action by Congress there will be no funding for programme to build a new US 
nuclear warhead, the Reliable Replacement Warhead, in the next financial year, 2008.
Funding was finally eliminated in the Consolidated Appropriations Act signed by President Bush
on 26 December.
The plan for a new warhead cannot go forward until the President develops a strategic nuclear 
weapons plan to guide transformation and downsizing of the stockpile and nuclear weapons complex.

Attempt to Bury News of Missile Defence Base Attacked

CND wholeheartedly welcomes the comments made by the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee The Committee has strongly criticised the Government�s attempt to sneak out the announcement that the American-run base of RAF Menwith Hill, North Yorkshire is to form part of the US Missile Defence system.


The influential committee of MPs said that they �regret the manner and timing of the Government's announcement�and the resulting lack of Parliamentary debate on the issue� referring to the release of the news as a written statement on the last day before Parliament broke for the summer.


In February then-Prime Minister Tony Blair had promised a full debate �when we have a proposition to put�. Just weeks before the announcement of the decision, a minister told the Commons "discussions are at an early stage and there are no formal proposals". In apparent contradiction to these statements, the decision was announced in July. In response, the Committee �recommend that the Government inform us of the date on which it received the formal proposal from the US to include Menwith Hill in the BMD system�. They also call for a full Parliamentary debate on the proposals. 


Iran and Nuclear Weapons

By my count, since 1945 the US has made military interventions in 47 countries. Iran will have noticed that none of those countries had nuclear weapons and may have drawn the conclusion, almost certainly right, that the US would not attack a nuclear-armed Iran. It is time for the West to offer Iran the hand of friendship by offering to guarantee its borders and even to provide a nuclear shield to protect Iran from attack by nuclear-armed neighbours.

Ian J. Hartill in a letter to The Times

Obama Calls for Elimination of all Nuclear Weapons

Senator Barack Obama has proposed setting a goal of eliminating all nuclear weapons in the world, saying the United States should greatly reduce its stockpiles to lower the threat of nuclear terrorism.

In a speech at De Paul University in Chicago, Mr. Obama added  his voice to a plan endorsed earlier this year by a bipartisan group of former government officials from the cold war era who say the United States must begin building a global consensus to reverse a reliance on nuclear weapons that have become “increasingly hazardous and decreasingly effective.”

B52 loaded with nuclear weapons by mistake


A US Air Force B52 flew 1,500 miles across the United States armed with nuclear weapons without authorisation.

The aircraft was loaded with nuclear armed Advanced Cruise Missiles by mistake.  The incident happened on 30 August and has been criticised in Congress.

Edwards Wants To "Rid the Planet" of Nuclear Weapons

Democratic candidate John Edwards says if he's elected US President, one of his goals will be getting rid of nuclear weapons

Clinton and Obama on nuclear weapons


In a recent survey Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama both indicated that they were opposed to plans to build a new nuclear warhead, the Reliable Replacement Warhead (RRW).  However both fell short of giving a clear commitment to scrap the project. 

The decision taken by the next President on new US nuclear weapons will have a major impact on British nuclear options.

Motion to cut funding of new warhead


Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein has drafted legistlation which would cut all funding for the Reliable Replacement Warhead.  Both the Senate and the House of Representatives are already trying to curtail President Bush's plan for new nuclear weapons.