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Manifesto statements on Trident

 The published manifestos now show where all the parties stand on Trident. Labour, the Tories, the Lib Dems and UKIP are all in favour of spending billions on Trident renewal. The SNP, Scottish Green Party and SSP are opposed. 

If you want to know the individual views of candidates in your constituency then enter your postcode here.





Bishops - nuclear weapons are a grave threat to the human family

A letter from the Scottish Bishops will be read out in Catholic churches around the country.  It says: "Successive UK Governments have made plans to replace and upgrade our nuclear weapons capacity. This is despite the considerable costs involved and in the face of persistent moral objections, to say nothing of international agreements we have entered into which commit us to work against the proliferation of such weapons. While recognising each country’s right to defend itself, the existence of nuclear weapons, and their possible proliferation, continue to represent a grave threat to the human family." 

Trident is the last thing Scots want

Scottish CND welcomed a new poll by Ipsos MORI which shows that renewing Trident is far less popular than a range of other policy proposals.
John Ainslie, Coordinator of Scottish CND said: "Spending money on Trident is the last thing that people in Scotland want or need. This poll shows that what Scots really want is an increase in the minimum wage and in pensions. They don’t want £100 billion squandered on new Weapons of Mass Destruction.  Of all the policies in this survey, the renewal of Trident is the least popular."

Thousands attend Scrap Trident rally

Around 4,000 people attended a march and rally in Glasgow to say no to Trident. Speakers included First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish Green Party co-convenor Patrick Harvie and Labour MP Katy Clark. There was also music from Karine Polwart and Penny Stone. ( Video of rally )

Veronika Tudhope, Vice-Chair of Scottish CND said:

 “No matter which side you were on, the referendum campaign put Trident where it should be - at the centre of the political debate. More people than ever are aware that Britian’s nuclear weapons are based only 40 miles from Glasgow making us all less secure under constant  threat of accident, terrorist attack, or even enemy attack. The majority of the public are no longer willing to accept the deterrence argument. We know the world will be a safer place for everyone without nuclear weapons and we want to start that process here in Scotland.”

 “I have been out on the streets of Scotland campaigning against Trident and advertising the demonstration. The response from the public has been overwhelmingly supportive. 

 “It’s up to us to make Trident a central issue of the General Election campaign. It’s up to us to vote for parties and candidates who will vote against Trident at Westminster.”

Scottish Greens call for Trident to be disarmed

The Scottish Green Party have published their election manifesto. The section on Peace and Defence says:

"it’s time for the UK to play a new role on the world stage. a Green Government will deliver a foreign policy based on peace, a global deal on climate change and a halt to the arms trade. We will disarm the trident nuclear weapons in the Clyde, and scrap the Vanguard-class submarines. Workers will be reskilled and redeployed to provide defence of the strategically important northern seas from faslane and Coulport. We will leave nato and collaborate on security with our neighbours without the use of weapons of mass destruction. We will reduce military spending and reorient the armed forces away from the projection of power and towards defence, Un-sanctioned peace-keeping, conflict resolution and international humanitarian efforts."

SNP conference condemns Trident

The Spring Conference of the Scottish National Party unanimously passed a motion against nuclear weapons.

It said: "Conference condemns Westminster’s plan to spend £100 billion on renewal of the Trident nuclear weapons system. Conference believes this is immoral, outdated and a grotesque waste of taxpayers’ money at a time when people in Scotland are dealing with cuts and austerity imposed by the Westminster government. Conference notes that Scottish Labour MPs voted for the renewal of Trident a week after they voted with the Tories for further cuts and more austerity. Conference believes that only a strong group of SNP MPs at Westminster will oppose a new generation of nuclear weapons being dumped on the Clyde."

There were powerful speeches from a range of speakers including Bill Kidd, Mike Weir and Tasmina Sheikh. Video.  SNP CND had a popular stall at the conference.

No more important issue than Trident

In a letter to the Herald, Brian Quail responds to a recent article by David Torrance.

DAVID Torrance rehashes the hoary distinction between multilateralism and unilateralism beloved of Tory nuclear apologists ("Losing Trident just too big a blow to 'prestige' obsessives", The Herald, March 23).

The indisputable fact remains that no British nuclear weapon has ever been negotiated away at a disarmament conference. They have never even been put on the table. Hence, as Bruce Kent said, "a unilateralist is a multilateralist who means what he says".

MOD restrict devolution to protect Trident

The Herald have revealed that the Ministry of Defence put pressure on the Smith Commission to protect Trident. Behind the scenes they used their influence to prevent Health and Safety powers from being devolved. They have also restricted how the issue of the Crown Estate is handled.

Arthur West, Scottish CND chair, said: "It is scandalous that the Ministry of Defence have been manoeuvring behind the scenes to influence the Smith Commission. It is quite likely that Health and Safety would have been devolved were it not for their objections. We may have missed the opportunity to improve safety across Scotland, because Whitehall mandarins are addicted to Trident."

During the referendum campaign the MOD were scared that a Yes vote would have been the death knell for Trident (No Place for Trident)


Nicola Sturgeon to speak at Scrap Trident rally 4 Apr


Nicola Stugeon will be one of the speakers at Scotland's Scrap Trident rally in Glasgow on Easter Saturday, 4 April. Other speakers include Patrick Harvie and Labour MP Katy Clark. There will be music from Karine Polwart and Penny Stone.

A5 leaflets available from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  







SNP reaffirm Trident red line

Scottish CND has welcomed a statement by Stewart Hosie MP on Scotland Tonight. The SNP deputy leader  made it clear that any support for a Labour government in a hung parliament would depend on them abandoning their plans for Trident replacement.

John Ainslie of Scottish CND said, "We are glad that Mr Hosie has cleared up this matter. We welcome the SNP's promise not to support any Labour government if it squandered £100 billion on more nuclear weapons."

There had earlier been speculation in the Guardian that the SNP had watered down its stance. However Nicola Sturgeon tweeted, in a reply to the Guardian, "What I actually said is that SNP would NEVER vote for Trident".