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Write to your bank - Don't bank on the bomb

I have been representing Scottish CND at meetings of a campaign called Don't Bank on the Bomb . This campaign  links  various organisations from the wider peace movement in a campaign to discourage Banks and Financial institutions from investing in companies involved in nuclear weapons production.
The campaign is keen to get Scottish CND supporters and people from the wider peace movement to write  to their bank and ask them whether or not they invest in companies which are involved in nuclear weapons production.

Hints for writing letters to your bank about involvement in nuclear weapons production -

1.  At beginning of letter let the financial institution know who you are. Tell them that you have an account with them.
2 Tell the bank that you wish to enquire whether they have any investments in companies connected to nuclear weapons production.

Nuclear weapons convoy stopped in Stirling

The nuclear weapons convoy travelling from the Atomic Weapons Establishment Burghfield to Coulport on Wednesday 15 Sept 2016 was stopped not once, but twice as it made its way across Scotland.

Brain Quail and Alastair Ibbotson stopped the 20 vehicle convoy as it made its way past the busy roundabout next to the fire station and a large housing estate on the outskirts of Stirling. As it passed slowly through the Raploch roundabout just under Stirling Castle they calmly flagged it down and lay in the road in front of it. While the police carried Alastair, a local student, off the road Brian wriggled under one of the vehicles. The convoy was halted for 20 minutes while they were removed and arrested  leaving dozens of Stirling commuters wondering what the holdup was. They were taken to Falkirk police station but later released.

Brian has a long history of peaceful protest against nuclear weapons. He was also responsible for single-handedly holding up the convoy for 20 minutes in Balloch in March.

All but one of Scotland's 59 MPs has voted against renewing Trident

Yesterday, the House of Commons voted to renew Trident despite the opposition of 58 of Scotland's 59 MPs.  

Arthur West - chair of Scottish CND said

"Those MPs who have voted for Trident replacement have shown a blatant disregard for the views of almost all of Scotland's MPs and MSPs. They have also completely disrespected the significant numbers of people in Scotland who want to get rid of nuclear weapons from our country."   

"We will continue to work flat out to get rid of nuclear weapons from Scotland. This work will include supporting efforts to secure a second independence referendum as a route to get rid of nuclear weapons from Scotland.




Can we allow Theresa May to start with Trident Renewal?


Thanks to David Cameron’s announcement last week Theresa May’s first act as Prime Minister will be to try to push through the renewal of Trident. After many postponements the vote on Trident replacement will be rushed through on Monday 18th July.

There will be simultaneous demonstrations in towns and cities across Scotland at 12 noon this Saturday, see events list.


Indyref2, Trident and Brexit

There are two key issues where Scotland’s voice is being ignored. One is EU membership and the other is Trident. Brexit has triggered the initial steps towards a second independence referendum. The prospect of Westminster renewing Trident, in the teeth of Scottish opposition, could push support for Yes2 well over the line.

Nuclear convoy ignores Motorway Closed signs

If you are driving on the motorway and see a red X above your lane, then you must move to the side. If there are red Xs on all three lanes then you must leave the motorway. But not if you have a nuclear bomb in the back of your truck - when, it would appear, normal safety rules don't apply. 

At 11.55 pm on Wednesday 18 May, a 20-vehicle convoy transporting Trident nuclear bombs to Coulport, drove under three red Xs at junction 2 on the M74 at Dalmarnock in Glasgow. The blue lights of police vehicles at the back of the convoy are just visible in the photograph. The vehicles continued along a section of motorway which was closed to all other traffic. The convoy did the same a few miles later at junction 24 on the M8 in Govan, where it drove on a second closed part of the motorway network.

Questions to ask election candidates

It would be really good if Scottish CND members and supporters could raise trident and related issues with candidates either by writing or e mail. Alternatively there may be opportunities for our members and supporters to raise questions with candidates at hustings meetings.

Tell Labour to Ditch Trident

You have 18 days to tell Labour to ditch Trident

The general public, as well as party members, are able to make submissions to the Labour Party Defence Review. Please use this opportunity to tell Emily Thornberry that you are opposed to Trident. Submissions can be made to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  The deadline is 30 April.




Don't bank on the bomb

Don't Bank on the Bomb is a campaign supported by a number of organisations within the Peace Movement. The campaign aims to highlight how some banks and financial institutions support companies involved in nuclear weapons production.

Don't Bank on the Bomb are keen to make the issue of support by banks and other financial institutions for nuclear weapons production a major issue in the forthcoming Scottish Parliament elections.

We are therefore suggesting that people raise the following questions at hustings meetings with candidates or directly in writing with candidates:

1.  The Scottish National Party, the Labour Party, the Green Party are all against trident renewal, but the Scottish Parliamentary Pension Scheme according to reports have invested 587, 000 pounds in 2015 in 3 leading arms traders including rolls Royce which manufactures the propulsion systems( reactors ) for Trident submarines . Would you support divestment of the Scottish Parliament Pension Scheme in companies such as Rolls Royce that manufactures components of the Trident nuclear weapons system?

Help us to stop nuclear weapons convoys

Publicity around nuclear convoys has raised interest in the transport of Trident nuclear weapons around Scotland. On 10 March Brian Quail, a Glasgow pensioner and prominent member of Scottish CND, stopped a nuclear convoy as it drove through Balloch (video). 

What can I do to help?

* If you see a convoy contact Nukewatch on 0345 458 8365
* Contact your MP, MSPs and Councillor, particularly if you live in an area where the convoys pass through.
* H
elp to publicise nuclear convoys on social media (@ScottishCND and Scottish CND on Facebook)
* Help to publicise convoys with leaflets, posters and local meetings.
* Let us know if you would like to be informed of future convoys. (email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )
* Select Read More for further information on these convoys.