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Salmond calls for ban on nuclear convoys

leftThe First Minister of the Scottish Government has called for a ban on the convoys transporting Trident nuclear weapons. He has announced that a summit will take place on nuclear weapons and that this issue will be considered.

Alex Salmond has called a conference on nuclear weapons which will be held next month (October).   The First Minister is inviting representatives from different sectors of Scottish life to discuss Trident.

Reports in the Sunday Times (9 September) and the Scotsman (10 September) suggest that one of the issues which the Scottish Government is looking at is the transport of nuclear weapons. Trident warheads are regularly moved from Burghfield in Berskshire to Coulport on Loch Long.  The Scottish Government has powers over transport which might be used to ban these movements.  A spokesperson for the First Minister said that they were also looking at environmental regulations.

Scottish Green Party leader Robin Harper MSP wrote to the First Minister asking him to carry out an inquiry into nuclear weapons convoys.  The First Minister replied saying he shared Mr Harper's views on nuclear weapons and wanted to go further than an inquiry.  Mr Salmond said "I want to get to a position where we can persuade the UK government to change its stance both on the replacement programme and on the general principle of maintaining a nuclear deterrent"



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