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Scottish Government summit on Trident

leftBruce Crawford, Parliament Minister, has announced that the Scottish Government is inviting representatives of civic Scotland to a summit on Trident in October.  This follows the Scottish Parliament's vote in June to oppose plans for new nuclear weapons.

The Scottish Government will host a conference on nuclear weapons in October 2007.  They are inviting civil, religious and trade union leaders as well as representatives of interest groups.

Parliament Minister Bruce Crawford said: " The aim is to bring together interested parties and representatives of civic Scotland to discuss the impact new Weapons of Mass Destruction would have on Scotland and to ask how a Scotland without nuclear weapons would look.   All the polling evidence says the people of Scotland are against Trident renewal, the parliament has voted against it and so we're following through the wishes of the parliament."

On 14 March the majority of Scottish MPs voted against the Government's proposal to renew Trident.  On 14 June the Scottish Parliament congratulated their Westminster colleagues and called on the UK government not to go ahead with its plan.


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