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Letters on Obama and Trident

In two letters to the Sunday Herald Isobel Lindsay and Rob Irving question the impact that Obama's policy will have on the UK Government's plan to replace Trident

President has spoken: what now for Trident?

The new US administration has stated: "Obama and Biden will set a goal of a world without nuclear weapons and pursue it they will take several steps down the long road towards eliminating nuclear weapons. They will stop the development of new nuclear weapons."

Where does this leave the British Government's proposals for a new generation of the Trident nuclear weapons system, on which it proposes to spend £20bn? This proposal is dependent on the development of new systems in the US.

If this does not go ahead, the plans are dead in the water. It was a deplorable decision in any case to commit us to another 50 years of nuclear weapons at great public expense. Now it looks also like a stupid decision. Some money has already been spent on this but most of the contracts have not yet been signed.

Let's end this before it goes any further and make a serious contribution to disarmament by also decommissioning the existing Trident weapons. We do not need and do not want 160 nuclear bombs in Scotland.

Isobel Lindsay, Biggar.

So, according to the newly stated objectives of President Obama: "The development of new nuclear weapons will be stopped" (President's first acts take on Bush's legacy across globe, The Herald, January 22.) Where does this leave the UK's indefensible plans to replace Trident?

Rob Irving, Cardross.

Sunday Herald letters 27 January 2009

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