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Scottish Green Party, Green CND and SGP conference 2017

Green MSPs have been supportive of the  UN Treaty to Prohibit  Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) ,  every one of them signed has signed the ICAN Parliamentary Pledge and supported the action at the Parliament the day the TPNW opened for signature.


Andy Wightman MSP and  Alison Johnson MSP both attended the recent meeting in Edinburgh with Dr Tilman Ruff, the Australian renowned physician and expert on nuclear famine and the  medical impact of the catastrophic consequences of nuclear weapons who is the founding chair of ICAN.Mark Ruskell MSP was instrumental to the Unready Scotland Report through using parliamentary questions to clarify the position of our local authorities in relation to this risk.

Scottish CND had a good presence at the Scottish Green party conference in Edinburgh on the 21/22nd October 2017. 

Two of our members kicked things off with the following emergency motion, which was passed with overwhelming support. 

The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its work on the UN Treaty to prohibit Nuclear Weapons adopted by 122 member states this year, supported but the Global Green Gathering. SCND has called a Peace Rally at the nuclear weapons base, Faslane, on 15th September 2018 to highlight Scottish and International Support for the Treaty and to urge the UK government to tune into Scotland and the Global moves to sign the treaty and moves towards prohibition and eliminations, Green Party in Scotland resolves to actively participate in  the rally.’ 

This was followed by a  conference motion on peace and security. Small amendments were proposed and debated and the amended motion was carried by overwhelming vote of the members. The motion with beings with the words,’ The Scottish Green party believes that peace is a positive concept’, goes on to cover peace- making, education for peace, removing Trident form Scotland, supporting the International Ban Treaty, transport of nuclear material, NATO and the establishment of a peace and security force in Scotland. 

Directly after this motion Janet Fenton presented her talk on the Global Ban Treaty to a busy finge event. 

There was a second Fringe event on the next day for those interested in taking forward the proposed Green CND group The agreed aim of the group is to 

Actively campaign at local national and international level for the prohibition and elimination of all nuclear weapons.’

After short presentations on Nuclear convoys, the wider peace movement in Scotland and reaching beyond the usual suspects office bearers were chosen. Green CND is open to all anyone who is a member of the Scottish Green Party and a member of Scottish CND.  If you that applies to you and you wish to join please email   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


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