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Nuclear Disarmament in Scotland, NATO and Trump.


Donald Trump will be attending the  NATO summit which takes place on May 24 and May 25 in Brussels.



NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation)  is a military alliance of 28 countries, but it is dominated by the United States. In 2011 the US spent $711 billion on military forces, more than twice the amount spent by all the other members...and NATO nuclear policy was written in the days of the Cold War.

In the words of our respected former co-ordinator John Ainslie, ‘ so long as there are any nuclear weapons in the world, NATO will be a nuclear alliance.’

ScottishCND believes that we should we use the current NATO summit to remember that the organisation would be likely to hinder, delay and block any Scottish plans to free ourselves from nuclear weapons .

The continued existence of NATO also underlines the importance of the forthcoming negotiations on a nuclear weapons ban treaty which will take place in New York over June and July. When this treaty is agreed it will provide a substantial counter balance to the role of NATO in our world.

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