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Write to your bank - Don't bank on the bomb

I have been representing Scottish CND at meetings of a campaign called Don't Bank on the Bomb . This campaign  links  various organisations from the wider peace movement in a campaign to discourage Banks and Financial institutions from investing in companies involved in nuclear weapons production.
The campaign is keen to get Scottish CND supporters and people from the wider peace movement to write  to their bank and ask them whether or not they invest in companies which are involved in nuclear weapons production.

Hints for writing letters to your bank about involvement in nuclear weapons production -

1.  At beginning of letter let the financial institution know who you are. Tell them that you have an account with them.
2 Tell the bank that you wish to enquire whether they have any investments in companies connected to nuclear weapons production.

Tell the bank that you be very concerned if they had investments  in nuclear weapons production as they are deemed illegal under international law. Say you are also concerned that if nuclear weapons were ever used they would have tragic humanitarian consequences.
3 Ask the bank whether they have a policy on investing in the arms industry.
4 End the letter by asking for consideration of the points you have made in the letter and clearly indicate that you look forward to a response.

Please consider writing a letter to your bank along the lines above. Help the Don't Bank on The Bomb campaign put maximum pressure on banks to stay away from investments in nuclear weapons production.

Arthur West
Chair of Scottish CND

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