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Nuclear weapons convoy stopped in Stirling

The nuclear weapons convoy travelling from the Atomic Weapons Establishment Burghfield to Coulport on Wednesday 15 Sept 2016 was stopped not once, but twice as it made its way across Scotland.

Brain Quail and Alastair Ibbotson stopped the 20 vehicle convoy as it made its way past the busy roundabout next to the fire station and a large housing estate on the outskirts of Stirling. As it passed slowly through the Raploch roundabout just under Stirling Castle they calmly flagged it down and lay in the road in front of it. While the police carried Alastair, a local student, off the road Brian wriggled under one of the vehicles. The convoy was halted for 20 minutes while they were removed and arrested  leaving dozens of Stirling commuters wondering what the holdup was. They were taken to Falkirk police station but later released.

Brian has a long history of peaceful protest against nuclear weapons. He was also responsible for single-handedly holding up the convoy for 20 minutes in Balloch in March.

As the convoy left large fuel tanker came along the road in the opposite direction, clearly illustrating to all present why nuclear weapons convoys on a Scotland public roads are such a liability.


The convoy which included four huge trucks which carry Trident nuclear warheads left Atomic Weapons Establishment Burghfield near Reading on Wednesday. After an overnight stop in Yorkshire it travelled u


p the A1, round the Edinburgh bypass, stopping for a break in Glencorse barracks in Penicuik and then and onto the M8 and M9 to Stirling. Nukewatch, a network who have monitored these convoys for over 30 years tracked its progress up the length of the country.

 The Police Scotland personnel who had been called to the scene asked protestors what the convoy was as they had not been briefed about them.  In the event of a serious accident Police Scotland would be expected to respond to a potential release of radioactive material and yet the officers out on duty have no idea what they are dealing with. Scottish Government policy is to oppose these weapons being in Scotland and Police Scotland operate under the Scottish legal system. Why are they then asked to arrest peaceful protesters trying to halt these unacceptable cargos?


#1 Andrew McMillan 2016-09-26 14:08
I wish to congratulate Mr Brian Quail and his friends for their actions at Stirling. Peaceful protest like this against WMDs is heroic and they deserve utmost praise. The publicity in The Herald was also helpful in publicising the scandal of transporting nuclear weapons around Scotland and elsewhere. Thanks to all involved in this particular protest and the ongoing work of CND and all who want the end of WMDs.

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