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Nuclear convoy ignores Motorway Closed signs

If you are driving on the motorway and see a red X above your lane, then you must move to the side. If there are red Xs on all three lanes then you must leave the motorway. But not if you have a nuclear bomb in the back of your truck - when, it would appear, normal safety rules don't apply. 

At 11.55 pm on Wednesday 18 May, a 20-vehicle convoy transporting Trident nuclear bombs to Coulport, drove under three red Xs at junction 2 on the M74 at Dalmarnock in Glasgow. The blue lights of police vehicles at the back of the convoy are just visible in the photograph. The vehicles continued along a section of motorway which was closed to all other traffic. The convoy did the same a few miles later at junction 24 on the M8 in Govan, where it drove on a second closed part of the motorway network.

 Why did the MOD send a large convoy of nuclear weapons through the centre of Glasgow at midnight when they knew that two stretches of the motorway network would be closed for roadworks?

In January 2015 a similar convoy ignored high wind weather warnings on the Erskine Bridge.

This gives the impression that the MOD think they are a law unto themselves. They already ignore the clearly expressed political views of the people of Scotland, who want rid of these Weapons of Mass Destruction, so perhaps it is no surprise that they also ignore normal traffic rules. 

Nuclear convoy on M74 near Moffat, 10.20 pm Wed 18 May

See also Youtube video, back story to the video and convoy information from Nukewatch.



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