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Questions to ask election candidates

It would be really good if Scottish CND members and supporters could raise trident and related issues with candidates either by writing or e mail. Alternatively there may be opportunities for our members and supporters to raise questions with candidates at hustings meetings.


Scottish CND would ask our members and supporters to consider raising at least some of  the following questions with candidates-

1 Could you give your views on the idea of scrapping trident?

2 if you are opposed to Trident replacement - what are your main reasons for taking this view?

3 If you were elected as an MSP - would you join the Parliamentarians for Nuclear Disarmament Group?

NB This group links up members of parliament across Europe to work for nuclear disarmament

4 If you were elected as an MSP - would you work together with other parties to do what you can to scrap trident ?

5 Have you any ideas on how the Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament can work to achieve a global ban on nuclear weapons ?

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