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Don't bank on the bomb

Don't Bank on the Bomb is a campaign supported by a number of organisations within the Peace Movement. The campaign aims to highlight how some banks and financial institutions support companies involved in nuclear weapons production.

Don't Bank on the Bomb are keen to make the issue of support by banks and other financial institutions for nuclear weapons production a major issue in the forthcoming Scottish Parliament elections.

We are therefore suggesting that people raise the following questions at hustings meetings with candidates or directly in writing with candidates:

1.  The Scottish National Party, the Labour Party, the Green Party are all against trident renewal, but the Scottish Parliamentary Pension Scheme according to reports have invested 587, 000 pounds in 2015 in 3 leading arms traders including rolls Royce which manufactures the propulsion systems( reactors ) for Trident submarines . Would you support divestment of the Scottish Parliament Pension Scheme in companies such as Rolls Royce that manufactures components of the Trident nuclear weapons system?


2  With the global movement for a ban on nuclear weapons now supported by 123 countries the production, possession and deployment of nuclear weapons is becoming increasingly stigmatised internationally and will sooner or later be illegal.This means investments in nuclear weapons is increasingly a financial risk . Would you agree therefore it would be prudent for the Scottish Parliamentary Pension Scheme to divest from companies producing nuclear weapons? 

Arthur West

On behalf of Don't Bank on the Bomb Scotland Campaign

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