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Chernobyl? Fukushima? Scotland next?

Nuclear flasks passing through Paisley Gilmour Street Station












Five years ago on the 11th March a nuclear accident laid waste to  a large area of Japan , make it  uninhabitable to people and livestock. Today toxic trains carrying high level nuclear waste are passing along the commuter routes of central Scotland on a weekly basis. This risks an accident of a similar scale affecting people, livestock and the environment in Central Scotland.


The trains each carry 2-3 flasks of waste between Hunterston, Torness and Sellafield, criss-crossing the most highly populated parts of Scotland. The trains use the ordinary trail service, slotted in between other freight trains and passenger trains. Recent repairs to the west coast mainline meant that trains took some unusual routes, weaving between Scottish towns.

The sealed flasks contain spent nuclear fuel rods and water to cool them .The  most hazardous  part of such a journey are when such a train crosses a bridge , goes through a tunnel or crosses a level crossing. At these points even a minor accident could cause the flasks to leak causing an effect similar to a dirty bomb, affecting the health of a large swathe of the population and contaminating surrounding land. Besides being at risk of accident and human error the trains are also at risk form vandalism and possibly terrorism.

Low-level leakage from the flask at all times is also a problem, causing concern about the health of  railway workers and the length of time such a train may be left in one siding outside a nuclear complex. 

Detailed information on the hazards of transporting nuclear waste by rail can be found here 

Videos of the Trains carrying nuclear flasks are also available to watch online

Irvine 17 February 2016

Paisley 2nd March 2016

Stevenston 2nd March 2016

Cardonald 24 February 2016

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