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Bears and Bombs


A controversial car load of  soft toys followed a convoy of nuclear warheads along busy roads through Central Scotland on Saturday afternoon. The  dangerous furry cargo had picked up the convoy shortly after it crossed the border into Scotland at lunchtime on Saturday. While the  Scottish population recklessly pursued their usual Saturday afternoon pursuits of  shopping and watching the football  four nuclear warhead carriers were driving North at a steady 50 miles per hour. The soft toys  travelling in wintry weather,  were accompanied by  military police with flashing blue lights along the entire route but they were happy to wait patiently while the  convoy took a rest at Forthside Barracks in  Stirling for an hour, emerging into the  football crowds making their way home from the match.  Their route took them along the M74, M73, M9, A811 and finally the unmarked 'Haul  Road' from Lochlomondside to Coulport, arriving at 7pm.

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