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Trident vote in 2016 will test respect for Scotland

Writing in the Sunday Herald, Rob Edwards outlines how Trident was a major issue in 2015 and how the vote on renewing Britain's nuclear weapons in 2016 could test the Union to breaking point. He describes how the MOD are spending £4.2 billion on new nuclear-armed submarines before the formal decision has been taken by Westminster.  Whistleblower William McNeilly described Trident as a "disaster waiting to happen". His concerns were compounded by official reports showing a sharp rise in incidents at Faslane and how a shortage of key staff was the major risk to the safety of the defence nuclear programme. 


2015 saw the election of 56 SNP MPs, the election of an anti-nuclear leader of the UK Labour Party, the Scottish Labour Party opposing the renewal of Trident, and the Scottish Parliament adopting its strongest stance yet against British nuclear weapons.

The House of Commons is expected to vote on Trident renewal in 2016. This will be a test of Westminster's respect for the democratic wishes of the people of Scotland. 58 of Scotland's 59 MPs are expected to vote against Trident.  As Rob Edwards writes, approving the £167 billion project would "put a severe strain on the union and democracy".



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