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Poll confirms Scots opposition to Trident

A new poll for TNS confirms Scottish opposition to Trident.  It asked "Do you support or oppose the UK Government replacing the existing Trident nuclear weapon system with a new nuclear weapon system?" The results were: oppose 38%, support 29%, neither 26%, don't know 7%.  Opposition to Trident was strongest in the under 55 age groups (41-42%) and weakest in the over 55 age group (32%). In the 16-24 age group there was little support for Trident (17%) and significant opposition (37%), but also a large number who neither supported nor opposed (40%). There was less support for Trident among women (21%) than men (38%).  

Other polls have shown a higher level of opposition, up to 80%, when the cost involved is included in the question.

Previous attempts to argue that most people in Scotland support Trident have been misleading. (source) They were based on giving three options in a poll, including a cheaper/less powerful alternative which is not on the table, and then combining two of the options. Scottish polls in recent years which have asked a straight question have all found that there are significantly more opposed to Trident than support it.

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