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Letter to Jeremy Corbyn

In the light of the Labour Party's abstention in the Trident debate on 24 November, Scottish CND has sent the message below to Jeremy Corbyn.

We are surprised to hear that you abstained in the vote against the renewal of Trident, and we are unhappy that the Labour Party decided to adopt a policy of abstaining on this key moral issue. We have been contacted by a large number of our members concerned about this apparent reversal of your previous position.  We are writing to you to give you the opportunity to respond to these concerns.

It goes without saying that we appreciate your undoubted long-standing work for nuclear disarmament and the extent to which you may be constrained by the views of your party colleagues. However, you supported the similar SNP-sponsored motion on 20th January and we wonder why you took a different attitude in the latest debate.

We do not share the view of John McDonnell that the latest debate was an 'SNP stunt'.The timing of the debate was apt as it fell  the day after the SDSR, when David Cameron announced  that the initial cost of Trident renewal had increased  from £25 billion to £41 billion, and before George Osborne's Comprehensive Spending Review.

In conclusion, we would like to say that having made the above points we do fully recognise the outstanding contribution you have made as a parliamentarian and campaigner in relation to supporting the work of CND.

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