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Respect Scotland: Scrap Trident!

We have just launched a new  declaration calling on David Cameron to Respect Scotland and Scrap Trident.

 Sign our petition online, or at one of stalls.

The wording of the petition is

We call on the UK Prime Minister to respect the democratic will of the people of Scotland and cancel the £167 billion plan to renew Trident.

The Scottish Parliament voted against Trident in 2007, 2014 and 2015.

In May 2015 the people of Scotland elected 59 MPs, 58 of whom have expressed opposition to Trident. 

If the UK Government  decide in 2016 to renew Trident this would be in direct contradiction to the expressed will of the Scottish People.

We share the intent of 121 nations who, in support of a humanitarian initiative , have called for  action to prohibit all nuclear weapons.

We desire that Scotland be known for its contribution to international peace and justice rather that for weapons which threaten the survival of life on this planet.


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