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Britain has no record of multilateral disarmament

Pro-Trident politicians are keen to argue that they only support multilateral disarmament and to dismiss unilateral disarmament. However, the reply to a question in Parliament shows that Britain has no record of achieving any reductions through multilateral disarmament.  Paul Flynn MP asked: "how many UK nuclear weapons have been withdrawn from operational service as a result of (a) multilateral negotiation and (b) unilateral action since 1985." On 10 November 2015 Defence Minister Philip Dunne replied: "The UK has a strong record on nuclear disarmament. Since 1985 the WE 177 and Polaris warheads have been removed from operational service leaving only one type of nuclear warhead in service delivered by the Trident missile system. These withdrawals from operational service have been as a result of unilateral action."

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