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What about the Scottish Labour Party and Trident?


The question of how the Scottish Labour Party will handle Trident is still unknown.  Delegates at their conference at the Perth Concert Hall are expected to decide on Friday 30 October whether or not there will be a debate.  If there is a debate, it is expected to be on Sunday 1 November.

Labour CND are holding a fringe meeting on Friday evening. During the day on Friday there will be leafleting to publicise this meeting and to attempt to influence the vote on holding a debate.

If there is going to be a debate, then there will be further by Scottish CND leafleting and lobbying on Saturday to encourage delegates to vote against Trident.

Relevant publications you may wish to read on this subject are. 

1. Trident and Jobs: the case for a Scottish Defence Diversification Agency
This is a joint report by Scottish CND and the STUC published in April 2015.

2. Defence Diversification - Jeremy Corbyn, August 2015.  This is a 4-page statement of Jeremy Corbyn’s defence diversification policy.  It was drafted by the late Dr Alan Mackinnon, Secretary of Scottish CND, shortly before he died.

3. Labour CND fringe meeting leaflet.

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