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Respect Scotland: Scrap Trident!

Scottish CND is calling on David Cameron to respect the Scottish people and cancel the plan to renew Trident.  



The new declaration was launched in Glasgow on Friday 2nd October with the help of Alison Thewliss MP, Chris Stephens MP, Gavin Newlands MP, Patrick Harvie MSP, Councillor Susan Aitken and Councillor Anna Richardson.

The full wording of the declaration is 

"We call on the UK Prime Minister to respect the democratic will of the people of Scotland and cancel the £100 billion plan to renew Trident. When it comes to the vote next year we can be almost certain that 58 of Scotland’s 59 MPs will oppose Trident renewal. The Scottish Parliament voted against the proposal in 2007 and 2014.  David Cameron should respect the expressed will of the people of Scotland and scrap the plan for new nuclear-armed submarines.”

We are encouraging as many Scots people, as possible, both high profile ones and others to sign this declaration. The declaration will be available online, and  at street stalls around the country in coming months . Iff you are looking for extra copies for a local event please call the office.

Friday's photo call was covered by Commonspace and the Evening times.


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