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Holyrood motion on submarine endangering fishing boat

Bill Kidd MSP has put down a motion in the Scottish Parliament calling on the UK government to hold a full inquiry into the incident in April when a British submarine almost sank a fishing boat from County Down. Please encourage your MSPs to support this.
That the Parliament notes the admission by the UK Government that a British submarine was responsible for the collision with the trawler, MV Karen; is concerned that it has taken the Ministry of Defence (MOD) five months to make this admission; is further concerned that initial reports identifying the vessel as a Russian submarine were not clarified by the MOD; notes that this admission comes on the back of what it considers the very serious allegations made by the Trident whistleblower, Able Seaman William McNeilly, in relation to the safety of Trident submarines and wider security lapses on the submarine and at the Faslane naval base; echoes the views of the Nuclear Free Local Authorities that a full inquiry into the incident should take place, and calls on the UK Government to instigate such an inquiry, given the serious risk to life that such incidents pose.
Motion: S4M-14260: UK Government Admits Submarine Caused Collision
MSPs can be contacted through writetothem.com

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