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Victorious to return to Faslane


The Trident submarine HMS Victorious has been relaunched after a 3 year refit and refuelling at Devonport Dockyard in Plymouth. The vessel is expected to sail to Faslane shortly. (reported in the Plymouth Herald)

After returning to Faslane the submarine will take part in trials and crew training over several months. It will then sail to Port Canaveral in Florida, load one or two missiles and conduct a missile test firing.  It will then go to the US Trident base at Kings Bay Georgie and load up with its compliment of missiles. At the end of this it will return to the Clyde. The warheads will be loaded onto the missiles in the Explosives Handling Jetty at Coulport. Once the submarine is fully armed with 48 nuclear warheads it will be sent on patrol.  This is due to start later in 2008.

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