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UK boycotts conference on effect of nukes

The UK is boycotting a major conference in Mexico on the effect of nuclear weapons. Bill Kidd MSP has put down a motion in the Scottish Parliament which highlights this. Please ask your MSPs to support the motion.

S4M-09038 World Forced To Wait For P5 Cooperation

That the Parliament notes the event, the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons, which was held in Oslo in March 2013 and was sponsored by the Norwegian Government and the International Committee of the Red Cross; understands that 127 countries were represented, but that it was boycotted by the so-called P5 nuclear weapon states, USA, Russia, China, UK and France; believes that they claimed that the conference was "simply a distraction"; notes that, in February 2014, a similar conference is being sponsored by the Mexican Government and that over 130 countries are expected to attend; understands but that, yet again, the P5 have refused to do so; considers this to be intransigence by the P5 and congratulates the Austrian Government on announcing that, in the face of this, there will be a further conference in Vienna later in 2014; condemns what it believes to be the high-handed attitude of the governments of the UK and the other four P5 states, and notes calls from Glasgow West CND for the P5 to attend the proposed Vienna conference and to take what it sees as their responsibilities to humankind seriously.

Ask your MSP to support usingĀ http://writetothem.com/

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