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Sanjeev Kohli on Trident

Scottish comedian Sanjeev Kohli explained how opposition to nuclear weapons might persuade him to vote Yes, when he appeared on the BBC Scotland referendum debate.

Labour MP Anas Sarwar said he wanted to see multilateral disarmament. Sanjeev responded: "I would agree with multilateral removal of nuclear weapons but I don’t see why Scotland can’t start with unilateral removal of nuclear weapons. I don’t think we need them. I’m possibly naive in saying this but, as someone who is very much swithering on the whole independence debate, I have to say that this is one instance where I would swither in the direction of independence. They were landed on our doorstep and it did make us a target for attack and I would sooner see Scotland rid of all nuclear weapons and the money spent on better things. That is my reaction as a human being and as a father." (BBC Iplayer)

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