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2014 An opportunity for nuclear disarmament

2014 will present a once-in-a-century opportunity for nuclear disarmament. Scotland has been the unwilling host to Polaris and Trident for 50 years. The three UK parties are planning to base new nuclear weapons at Faslane for the next half century. A Yes vote in September will enable us to scrap Trident and create a nuclear free Scotland.


Nuclear timeline:

1961 Arrival of American Polaris submarines at Holy Loch
1968 First British Polaris submarine at Faslane operational
1992 American submarines leave Holy Loch
1994 First British Trident submarine at Faslane operational
2014 Scottish independence referendum
2028 New submarine replaces Trident submarines (planned)
2030s New nuclear warhead replaced Trident warhead (planned)
2040s New missile replaces Trident missile (planned)
2067 End of life of Trident replacement system (planned)

Scottish CND has produced a number of reports on Trident and Independence:

Trident and Independence
- This is a short paper which outlines the key issues concerning Trident and Scottish independence

Trident: Nowhere to Go
- This is a detailed study on possible alternative locations for Trident in England or Wales. It concludes that none of the sites are really viable, so if Scotland expelled Trident, there would be no nuclear weapons in Britain.

Disarming Trident
- This is a programme which shows how Trident could be disabled within days, and removed from Scotland within 2 years.

If Britain fired Trident
- This shows the effect of an attack on likely targets in and around Moscow using the 40 nuclear warheads carried on one Trident submarine.






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