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Trident - a millstone around the neck of the Scottish economy

A recent report in the Scotsman reveals that the Ministry of Defence is blocking plans to investigate the possibility of oil and gas extraction off the West coast of Scotland, because this could interfere with the operation of Trident submarines. While many people would be concerned about oil rigs in the Clyde estuary, it should be noted that the Ministry of Defence have also objected to off-shore wind farms in the area, for similar reasons (Herald 6/2/2012).
On 14 October 2009 Defence Minister Bob Ainsworth said that there were only 464 civilian jobs at Faslane and Coulport which were directly reliant on Trident. If the money allocated to Trident was spent on anything else, far more jobs would be created.  It is a myth to suggest that nuclear weapons provide any benefit to Scotland. Trident is a millstone around the neck of the Scottish economy. (Map - Scotland's Marine Atlas)

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