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Tory defence expert and Labour representatives call to scrap Trident

While James Arbuthnot - Chair of Commons Defence Committee expressed his doubts on Trident, the MoD confirmed another £79million contract for the pre-order replacement stage and plan to spend £100 billion of the public money on nuclear weapons.

“Nuclear deterrence does not provide the certainty that it seemed to in the past. It’s not an insurance policy; it is a potential body trap. With the budget shrinking, you have to wonder whether this is an appropriate use of very scarce resources “– James Arbuthnot MP

 Many Labour members are against Trident replacement including Katy Clark – Labour MP for North Ayrshire & Aran. “The reality today is that we face other, more pressing security threats that Trident cannot deal with.  I also happen to think Trident is a huge waste of money. I fully appreciate that for Labour to go down this road is considered a political risk.”

John Ainslie – Coordinator of Scottish CND said “Trident is the type of insurance policy which would be sold by a slick fraudster. The idea that it provides us with a good cover is, as James Arbuthnot has acknowledged, complete nonsense. Fortunately, the referendum in 2014 will provide Scots with a way to end this madness.”

If you want to read the full Daily Record article please refer to the issue published on December 17 or see the enclosed photo.

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