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Lib Dem Nuclear Disarmament Amendment was rejected

One of the main issues on the Liberal Democrats  Conference Agenda  held in Glasgow at the weekend was their position on Trident.
George Potter one of the delegates  submitted an amendment  to conference which called on the party to adopt a policy in favour of scrapping trident.
CND supporters organised a Rally on Saturday morning aimed at  encouraging  delegates to back the amendment and adopt a policy in favour of scrapping Trident.
Today, the Liberal Democrats voted 322-228 against the amendment.

Arthur West- chair of Scottish CND said -
“We are very disappointed with the outcome of the conference debate. . However, the numbers show that there are numerous Liberal Democrats  who support scrapping trident and ridding the country of the scourge of nuclear weapons"


Trident is a waste of money and “the UK's last, unreformed bastion of Cold War thinking” as quoted by Danny Alexander.
Please check the link if you wish the read the proposed amendment (page 20)

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