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Model letter to SEPA on nuclear waste from Fasalane

Below is the text of a model letter which you may wish to send to SEPA -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Alternatively, please use your own wording.  The consulation deadline is 20 September. (more information)


On 20 March 2013 the Scottish Parliament made it clear that it is opposed to the presence of Trident nuclear weapons in Scotland. SEPA should not facilitate the continued deployment of these Weapons of Mass Destruction by approving the disposal of radioactive waste from Trident.  Radioactive waste from Trident is an unjustifiable risk to the environment of Scotland.

SEPA should not issue long-term approval for the disposal of radioactive waste from Faslane and Coulport because this would pre-empt the 2014 independence referendum, which could result in the removal of Trident from Scotland.

The Ministry of Defence’s plan to maintain nuclear submarines at Coulport will introduce the new risk of a spillage of radioactive waste during transport between Coulport and Faslane.  SEPA should not approve substantial increases in the amounts of radioactive waste that can be produced at Coulport.

Faslane has a poor record in handling radioactive waste.  Plans to build a new facility to handle radioactive waste are 9 years behind schedule.  SEPA should not give long-term approval to the disposal of radioactive waste until the replacement facilities are completed and have been proven to be adequate.

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