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Independence could lead to disarmament - Commons Committee


The Scottish Affairs Committee's report 'Terminating Trident: Days or Decades?' points out that Scottish independence could lead to nuclear disarmament for Britain. The report also says that Scottish CND's timetable for disarming Trident is realistic.
Arthur West, Chair of Scottish CND, said, "We welcome the acceptance of Scottish CND's report 'Disarming Trident' which showed that an independent Scotland could disarm Trident within days and remove all nuclear warheads within two years.
"Westminster Governments have used Scotland for over fifty years as a base for these most dangerous and morally repugnant weapons. We welcome the commitment of the SNP, the Greens, the Socialists and many others to make nuclear weapons illegal in an independent Scotland and to remove all warheads within two years. This will also be welcomed by many people in England who will be saved the cost of operating Trident and funding Trident renewal and the danger its proximity brings. This, presumably, will also be welcomed by the Chair of the Scottish Affairs Committee, Ian Davidson, who is opposed to Trident.
"One criticism of the report is that it overplays the idea that a new base could be built in England or Wales. Professor William Walker told the Committee that the Government don't know whether any of the alternative sites are viable. Scottish CND's detailed study of these options concluded that none of them were."
The Committee heard evidence from John Ainslie, Scottish CND coordinator.
Their report takes account of information provided in two Scottish CND papers - Disarming Trident and Trident: Nowhere to Go.
The report was also welcomed by the SNP. Bill Kidd MSP said, "These findings are to be welcomed, and only enhance the case for an independent Scotland where we can move forward towards a country free from Trident nuclear weapons.


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