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Member Perspective: Iran

The following is an article that has been submitted by a member of Glasgow CND which gives a personal opinion on the situation in relation to Iran. 

No War With Iran - Eric Chester

There is a very real danger that the United States and Iran will stumble into a full-fledged war. If this occurs, the UK will come under pressure to enter the war as well, once again supporting the US in another military adventure

The USA as a global superpower is eager to quash Iranian influence in the Middle East. Key to this rivalry of aggressive nations is the desire to control the region’s vast oil reserves. Some of these reserves are controlled by corporations based in the UK.

            Oil and gas are natural resources that should stay in the ground. We need to drastically reduce our use of fossil fuels now, not some time in the future. The disputes in the Middle East are  underpinned by the drive to control an energy source whose continued use can only lead to environmental disaster.

            None of this needed to happen. The agreement reached during the Obama administration facilitated a de-escalation of tensions in the region. Iran abided by the agreement and stalled its pursuit of a nuclear option. President Trump’s arbitrary decision to abrogate the agreement is the primary factor underlying the drift toward war.

            This is not to say that Iran bears no responsibility for this confrontation. Iran is an utterly reactionary theocracy. Its religious leaders rule through fear and intimidation. Furthermore, there is no reason for Iran to rely on nuclear power. Iran is a country of deserts. Certainly it can produce all the power it requires through solar panels. Nevertheless, it is up to the people of Iran to deal with this theocratic dictatorship. Neither the UK, with its history as a colonial power in Iran, nor the United States have the moral authority to dictate the internal affairs of Iran.

            Both sides in this dispute need to take steps that de-escalate this confrontation. Since Trump started this round of threats and counter threats, the United States should begin to ease tensions by backing off on the sanctions directed at Iran.

            We need to resist the calls for the UK to build a larger naval fleet. The days of the British Empire are long gone. These funds need to be spent on vital services such as schools and healthcare and not on a pointless pursuit of the supposed glory days of the empire. Indeed, we should be calling for further cuts in the military budget. It is time the UK stopped playing the role of junior partner in U. S. military adventures around the globe.

            We should be using every means we can to put pressure on our elected officials to have them publicly call for peace in the Middle East, a restoration of the Obama agreement and the end of sanctions against Iran.

            Finally, if there is a war, we need to press the UK to stay out of it. This will require a mass movement on the streets demanding an immediate end to the war.


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