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Disarming Nuclear Scotland Conference - Helensburgh CND


The conference this year explores some of the main campaigning work that will enable us to achieve a Scotland mercifully free of all nuclear armaments.

In the morning session Janet Fenton provides an update on Scottish CND's priority areas of work such as the UN Treaty Ban (TPNW), while Gordon Dickson and Jean Anderson outline our efforts to work with and through trusted political partners such as the SNP and the Greens. Martin Docherty will reiterate the SNP commitment to a speedy removal of Trident given earlier this year at the party's Spring Conference. The addience will have an opportunity to question all speakers throughout the day.

The morning session will also include a tribute to the lifelong anti-nuclear activists Dot and Eric Wallace by Eric's sister Susan Martin - Dot and Eric left Helensburgh CND a substantial legacy which will hopefully enable us to get our local CND group onto a firmer footing and which will thankfully allow us to continue with our annual conferences. In the spot just before lunch Alex Lockwood has been invited to give a short introduction to his recent book 'The Chernobyl Privileges' and he will be available to sign copies for an hour before the conference, during the lunch break and at the end of the day.

A soup and sandwich lunch will be included in the ticket price and on-site, which will hopefully offer lots of opportunities to network with other campaigners. We were fortunately able to secure the wonderful 'Scotland: A Peace of History' exhibition to run concurrently with our conference - it will be housed in a side room close by the front entrance to the venue. There will be stalls as usual and also another chance to watch Benchmark 6 which will be run on a loop throughout the lunch hour.

The first session of the afternoon, 'Local Perspectives', allows an opportunity to hear from a variety of people - Christopher McEleny, Alannah Maurer, Mitchell Bunting and David Newbigging - who have Faslane Naval Base and its associated nuclear missile storage at Coulport right on their very own doorsteps! We are hoping that a representative from Faslane Peace Camp will also be able to speak at this session.

In the second part of the afternoon the emphasis will be on campaigns specifically targeting those who manufacture and invest in nuclear arms.Eric Chester will be sharing his thoughts on the very successful collaborative campaign last year to stop the Glasgow Arms Fair, and this will be followed by Linda Pearson from 'Don't Bank on the Bomb Scotland' who will be giving our keynote presentation on disarming Scotland through the means of divestment.

Chairing the conference will be in the very good hands of Arthur West and Brian Quail, and as in previous years we are very lucky to have David Newbigging managing the 'floor' work and Kevin Gibney the livestreaming - this allows us to get our anti-nuclear messages out to a much wider audience of thousands who watch the proceedings live and thousands more who choose to catch up with the recorded event. DISARMING NUCLEAR SCOTLAND has been designed and organised by Ellen Rentonfrom Helensburgh CND - with help from many others!


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